Welcome to codethots!

Codethots is more than just a social, messaging platform. Codethots give a way to keep privacy at its best! Join us and you'll experience it first hand..



Monitor you text, how many you've encrypted or codes decrypted. What's the most common words used in your conversation via Word Cloud..

Privacy at its BEST

We keep privacy as our core, and only members who you've included can view after decrypted. And all these codes need your group's "private key" to view.

So Easy

You'll be familiarized once you've used it, everything is so intuitive and responsive. Its like any other social media platform..

Capture the Memories

Codethots provide photo upload and comments, so you won't missed out any memories or thoughts (Thots). That's why we're Codethots..

Multi Language

Want to have in your own local language? Sure! Codethots cater for any languages for encrypt and decrypt, you name it!

RESTApi for anyone

Codethots provide RESTApi for developer who wants encrypt or decrypt messages with their own application, or use it just for Fun, its up to you..